Small Sample Size

On this week’s episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast, we questioned if we should have a “small sample size” disclaimer at the beginning of the early season episodes. Small sample sizes are pretty fun this time of year. If it wasn’t for small sample sizes, we wouldn’t have had Emilio Bonifacio leading MLB with a .800+ batting average.

As Cubs fans, we are really hoping that some of the bullpen performances have been examples of small sample sizes.

We also wondered, at what point do sample sizes stop being too small? Well, we’re not there yet.

If you enjoy the anomalies that small sample sizes create, you will also enjoy this video that Shaun (@spbastien on Twitter) shared with us today.

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That. Was. Epic. I just found the ringtone for Corey. 

Ivy Envy
Ivy Envy

Now that's an unfortunate photo crop given the title of the post.

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Dawn Strand

I'll be singing that all day today. Thanks, Ivy Envy! ;)