“Weasons and Leasons” – Podcast Episode 6.09


WINNER (7)In this, the 247th episode of the Ivy Envy Podcast, we look at what we have found to be encouraging and discouraging about the 2014 Chicago Cubs. Despite their 4-8 record, there have been some encouraging things from Castro, Rizzo, Samardzija, Hammel and Wood. But there have been some things that have been deflating for Cubs fans early in 2014. It’s mainly been the bullpen, but Veras, Russell and Ricky’s use of Olt make our list.

Javier Baez is on the DL and we talk about this injury and his ejection from a game. Kurt checks in on Kris Bryant, who is with AA Tennessee.

Andy awards the title of “Asshat of the Week” to Cardinals pitcher, Joe Kelly. Kurt gives a bullpen scary stat of the week and Corey gives a Emilio Bonafacio scary stat of the week.

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Corey Fineran

Founder and Lead Host at Ivy Envy
A Cubs fan since 1985, Corey has seen (few) highs and (many) lows from the Boys in Blue.When he is not talking about the Cubs on The Ivy Envy Podcast, Corey helps high school students with disabilities become successful in the world of work…or he’s taking care of the chickens.

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Tim Wortman Jr.
Tim Wortman Jr.

Encouraging: bats are alive Discouraging: loss of one run games

Michael Cotton
Michael Cotton

I feel like the hitting seems to be better than it has in recent years. Even though they aren't always hitting at the right times, it is still an improvement over just not hitting at all. I'm disappointed in Ricky. He hasn't made a lot of good decisions yet from i.e. Veras, Olt. The only thing he has going for him is that he has been somewhat successful with the red flag.


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