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Len Kasper

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of interview Cubs television play-by-play broadcaster, Len Kasper. We cover a wide range of topics during this interview, including the travel required in his position, his daily routine at Wrigley Field, his relationship with Cubs fans and his home run call and how he sees his role as a broadcaster and his responsibilities to the fans. Len also looks ahead to Spring Training and the 2014 season. We found this conversation to be very interesting and we think you will enjoy this Len Kasper interview.

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The Cubs have avoided arbitration with all of the eligible players and this week agreed to a deal with the final player, Jeff Samardzija. We go through the list of players and talk about Samardzija’s situation and how it may have been impacted by an arbitration hearing. Again, on this episode, we reference the Fangraphs podcast episode on arbitration.

Then, we read a few Internet Muscle Flexes and pick a winner for this week’s photo caption contest. Congrats to first-time winner, Joe from Instagram.

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