Javier Baez Headed to DL

When talking with people about Javier Baez, I’ve said “As long as he continues to develop and stays healthy, we should see Baez in July or August.” While enjoying Baez in Spring Training, I was also cringing anytime he did anything, just waiting for something terrible to go wrong. I’m sure you were all there with me, gasping as he collided with Giansanti in shallow left field. I’m sure your eyes were wide like mine when he hurt his ankle at 1st base, trying to leg out a single. Well, now it’s happened for real.

That’s all the info we know right now. I would guess this isn’t a serious injury. A disabled list visit in the minors isn’t as big of a deal because the minimum stay on the DL is 7 days in MiLB, compared to the 15 in MLB.

Regardless of severity or seriousness, it isn’t what you want to see happen to your #1 prospect as he waits for the call to join the big league club.

Corey Fineran

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Terry Brewer Jr
Terry Brewer Jr

Yeah I was at the Iowa Memphis game last night and he didn't play so hopefully I'll get to see him play in May when they come back threw but he did sign a baseball for my son