12 Cubs 2014 Spring Training Story-Lines
with Brett from Bleacher Nation – Podcast Episode 6.01


Welcome to the first episode of the sixth season of the Ivy Envy Podcast. Andy, Corey and Kurt preview the Cubs 2014 Spring Training by inviting on Brett from Bleacher Nation. We look at the top twelve story-lines that interest them with the Cubs 2014 Spring Training.

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1. Mike Olt’s performance at the plate.
2. Resolving the glut of arms for the bullpen.
3. Jake Arrieta’s shoulder.

1. The last hurrah of Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters?
2. How will the outfield lineup pan out?
3. Edwin Jackson.

1. Fan reaction to Cubs Park vs. Hohokam/Fitch.
2. Will Rizzo and Castro bounce back from disappointing 2013 numbers?
3. Will Samardzija trade buzz quiet or intensify during spring?

1. Javier Baez.
2. 2nd Base situation.
3. Ability to stay healthy.

After the break, we read some Internet Muscle Flexes and pick a winner for this week’s Photo Caption Contest:

Ryno Rhino

We’d like to hear what Cubs 2014 Spring Training story-line you will be watching closely. Leave a comment.

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  2. […] On this week’s episode of the podcast, Brett from Bleacher Nation told us that Mike Olt’s performance at the plate is the story-line he is most interested in this spring. Olt had two at-bats. The first was almost over by the time the CF camera had focused on home-plate. A one-pitch pop-out. In his second at-bat, Olt worked the count and ended up striking out looking (har har). […]

  3. […] Episode 6.01 of our podcast, we discussed our top story-lines for Spring Training this year with the Cubs. One […]