“Can we take a second to talk about…” – Episode 8.40


20160326_202944-2_wmFor the second episode in a row, we’re forced to take the Aroldis Chapman topic on. We don’t come to any sort of resolution, other than wishing we weren’t faced with this situation. We sort through stuff a little more on this episode.

We also look at what impact his acquisition has on the bullpen. We know he can throw hard. He’s always made Cubs hitters look silly, but how good is he? We look at his shocking numbers.

We have a few listener questions and by the end of the episode we were ready for topics that don’t involve Aroldis Chapman.

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“However you feel, you’re right” – Episode 8.39


IyvEnvy_Color_blogpodcastThanks for downloading the 417th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. On this episode, we talk about our tailgate event at the Cubs/Brewers game on Saturday. We also briefly talk about the series win.

With trade rumors involving Aroldis Chapman swirling during the recording of this episode, we start coming to terms that the 2016 Cubs (and beyond?) could have Aroldis Chapman on the roster.

Flat Roller Coasters Suck – Episode 8.38


IyvEnvy_Color_blogpodcastThanks for downloading the 416th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. On this episode, we talk about the Cubs series win over the New York Mets. The Cubs won the series 2 games to 1, but because Andy and Corey were at Tuesday night’s loss, we spend some time talking about the Cubs difficulties with hitting with runners in scoring position. We also look at the Hector Rondon and discuss whether or not he is “the guy”.

It’s not all negatives though, Jake Arrieta looked like the Jake we all know and love. Oh yeah, and the Cubs traded for a pitcher and sent Dan Vogelbach to the Mariners. We talk about this trade and how it could impact the Cubs now and in the future.

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Beethoven Better – Episode 8.37


IyvEnvy_Color_blogpodcastThanks for downloading the 415th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. The Cubs started the 2nd half of the 2016 season with a series win over the Rangers. On this episode, we talk discuss the series.

Kyle Hendricks is having a break-out season and we spend quite a bit of time looking at why he’s being successful without a high strikeout rate or low walk rate.

The Cubs have not been at full strength for quite a while and we look at when injured players might re-join the team. Kurt shares a Szczur stat in his Scary Stat of the Week segment and we read some Internet Muscle Flexes.

The Galesburg Chainsaw Massacre – Episode 8.36


IyvEnvy_Color_blogpodcastOn this, the 414th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast, we use the All-Star Break to look back on the first half of the 2016 Cubs season. We look at team and individual stats and consider what went right and what went wrong for the Cubs.

We also look ahead to the 2nd half of the season. What do we think the keys to 2nd half success are for the Cubs? Listen to find out!

“Wilbur shielding his eyes from the sun” – Episode 8.35


IyvEnvy_Color_blogpodcastThanks for downloading this, the 413th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. Holy cow, has it been a rough stretch for us Cubs fans. Cubs fans are feeling varying levels of frustration and panic, and we’re no immune to these feelings. On this episode, we share some stats and do our best to identify where the problem areas are for the Cubs.

We try to gauge our concern, which as sports fans, varies by the moment…or pitch. These 24 straight days of Cubs games have not been fun, so this is your chance to listen to us complain and attempt to evaluate the team, and ourselves.

We Need Doug Dascenzo – Episode 8.34


IyvEnvy_Color_blogpodcastWelcome to the 412th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. This was kind of an impromptu recording. As Corey and Andy were sitting in the garage, talking about the Cubs, they decided to sit down behind mics and knock out this week’s episode. After two losses to the Mets, Cubs fans are feeling pretty down and we talk about why Cubs fans should be worried about the team’s recent performance and we try to put things into context.

This is a short episode and if you’re just finding our podcast, this is not your typical episode. Happy Independence Day!

Double-Birds and Biscuits – Episode 8.33


IyvEnvy_Color_blogpodcastWelcome to the 411th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. In this episode, we recap the Cubs sweep over the Reds in Cincinnati. Corey was at the last two games of the series and talks about the games from an inside-the-park perspective.

This was quite an eventful series and it was something the Cubs and fans needed after going 1-6 in the previous week.

A 1-6 week gives us a weathered prostate – Episode 8.32


IyvEnvy_Color_blogpodcastWow. What a terrible week of Cubs baseball. On this, the 410th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast, we talk about this 1-6 week. I can’t say I expected us to have a 1-6 week to talk about with the 2016 Cubs.

We use this episode to look at what has gone wrong over the last month of Cubs baseball. On June 1st, their winning percentage was .708 and it’s now about 60 points lower. So why is that? We look at offense, pitching and defense.

In an attempt to stay positive, we also look at some positives. In the month, the Cubs have a 13-11 record, so some things are going well.

We answer a few listener questions, one of them on Heyward’s offensive production. After a scary stat of the week, we read a few internet muscle flexes.

“This isn’t a bugaboo” – Episode 8.31


IyvEnvy_Color_blogpodcastThanks for downloading the 409th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. This is most likely the earliest recording in the history of our podcast. Nothing gets going in the morning like a series sweep at the hands of the Cardinals, right?

Well, this series was definitely frustrating. Whenever anything has looked bad for the Cubs this season, we’ve found the silver lining and we do that on this episode. However, it’s worth mentioning that the Cardinals are a good baseball team and they’re probably not going to go away without putting up a fight.

We also look at the roster moves the Cubs have made this week. Fowler and Richard went to the DL, Adam Warren was sent to AAA to stretch out to start some games and the Cubs brought up some bullpen relief (Edwards Jr., Concepcion, and Patton).

We discuss these players and then Andy shares a Rube story with us.